Get involved

Board of Director positions

To serve on the Board of Directors, a candidate must:

  • Contribute a significant financial gift or in-kind contribution.
  • Be a paid-up member of CMSS and purchase a minimum of one season subscription per year. [At the annual meeting held in the spring, the membership dues are determined for the following year. For many years dues have remained at $25.]
  • Commit to serve a term of office of three years, beginning at the annual meeting in the year elected.
  • Attend monthly board meetings which are usually held on a Monday evening.
  • Agree to fulfill the responsibilities delineated in one of the positions listed below or an equivalent position.

Legal Advisor

  • Determine that CMSS is following bylaws and parliamentary procedures.
  • Review bylaws for annual amendments.
  • Review contracts as necessary.


  • Notify board members of board meetings; maintain attendance records; if a pattern of absence is noted, Secretary will determine if member intends to remain on board
  • Maintain and distribute list of board members along with their contact information
  • Keep a record of all actions; take and distribute minutes
  • Reply to correspondence; write letters on behalf of CMSS including thank you notes for contributions


  • Notify CMSS “members” of annual / special meetings
  • Collect CMSS mail from post office box; distribute in a timely fashion
  • Maintain database list and provide changes to contractor
  • Review telephone messages and return calls as necessary
  • Change taped phone message after each concert
  • Order stationery as needed
  • Fill ticket orders
  • Create or cause to be created annual program brochure, concert programs, tickets, advertising copy
  • Act as liaison to community arts groups

Grant applications and compliance

  • Work with fundraiser to determine which grants should be solicited.
  • Compile materials necessary for grant applications.
  • Supervise compliance with terms of grants awarded.

Public relations

  • Distribute concert information for all media calendars; write and distribute press releases
  • Network with media, find and fulfill any additional media requests
  • Work with music director to develop marketable themes for annual program


  • Coordinate the design and placement of all advertising, (from print to radio)
  • Ensure CMSS visibility through directory listings, swaps, etc.

Audience Development

  • Supervise maintenance of the CMSS member/subscriber database
  • Create and send out notifications of upcoming events and news
  • Perform market research to determine how best to gain new audience


  • Sell ad space in CMSS programs; arrange for swaps; follow up on delivery of copy prior to each program
  • Find additional corporate sponsorships
  • Work with grant writer to secure additional grants

Programs and Concerts

  • Prior to season contact Java City and Upper Crust to confirm their annual contributions
  • Prior to each concert, remind Java City and Upper Crust and arrange for pickup or delivery
  • Arrange for box office staffing, ticket collection, program distribution, refreshment set-up and clean-up, purchase of paper goods as necessary
  • Make arrangements with venue for presence of stagehand and give instructions


  • Develop and supervise adherence to annual budget
  • Maintain or supervise the maintenance of all financial records
  • Provide cash for change for concert ticket purchases at box office
  • Manage CMSS’s investments
  • File tax reports
  • Prior to the annual meeting, compile an annual “membership” list and provide to the Administrator, the Secretary and the Historian
  • Provide monthly financial statements
  • Pay bills in a timely fashion
  • Prepare payroll for concerts, pay workers compensation, ASCAP fees
  • Make deposits
  • Update annual Secretary of State forms and other legal forms as needed

Historian, librarian

  • Create and present annual report
  • Maintain historical records, including reviews and concert programs
  • Maintain an index of compositions performed and dates of performance
  • Maintain catalog of artists’ photographs
  • Maintain copies of concert recordings


  • Research the repertoire for each concert and write program notes; a strong background in music is helpful for this position

The Board of Directors of the Chamber Music Society of Sacramento is a working board. Our musicians are paid professionals and the music director receives a small stipend for the work involved in program development and staffing the concerts. Most other tasks are performed on a volunteer basis. The board's active involvement keeps the ticket cost at an affordable level. The board consists of up to 11 public voting members, 2 musician members, and the music director.